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How to Count Waiting Time

  • The mechanism for determining the relative priority for PRH allocation is adopted to determine whether a PRH GA household has been waiting for PRH for more than three years. In other words, the mechanism is based on the “G-number Equivalent Date”; and if there is no “G-number Equivalent Date”, the “Registration Date”.
  • The Registration Date of the PRH GA household is stated on the blue acknowledgement card issued by HD upon registration of the PRH application. If there are any subsequent updates/changes and the PRH application concerned is given a G-number Equivalent Date, this G-number Equivalent Date will be stated on the notification letter issued by HD to the applicant.
  • An applicant household will be considered as having met the requirement of “having been waiting for PRH for more than three years” from the first date of the calendar month in which the household has waited for just more than three years.

For details, please refer to the Application Guide of the Cash Allowance Trial Scheme.