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How to Apply

How to obtain the CATS’ Application Form?

  • The Cash Allowance Office will issue notification letters towards the end of each month to PRH GA households who will have waited for PRH for more than three years within the following month but have not yet been provided with the first PRH flat offer.
  • Those who may also meet other eligibility criteria for applying for the cash allowance will receive an Application Form at the same time.

Points to note before completing the Application Form

  • Upon receiving the Application Form, please check if the PRH Application Number, and the name(s) of the Applicant and family members (if applicable) are correct.
  • Before completing the Application Form, please read carefully the Application Guide for the Cash Allowance Trial Scheme.
  • Sample of Application Form (Attention: The Application Form will be sent to the households concerned from the Cash Allowance Office. This sample cannot be used as an Application Form.)

The 4 steps of filling in the Application Form

  • Fill in the “Personal Particulars” on Page 2;
  • Fill in the “Details of Bank Account” on Page 2;
  • Read carefully the “Declaration” on Pages 3 and 4 before signing on Page 4 by the Applicant and all family members aged 18 or above; and
  • Submit the following required documents together with the duly completed Application Form:
    • A documentary proof of the bank account for receiving the cash allowance such as a copy of a page of a passbook or of a monthly statement showing the name(s) of the bank account holder(s) and the account no. (photocopy of a bank card is not acceptable);
    • (If applicable) A copy of the Hong Kong Identity Card (HKID Card) of family member(s) who has/have reached the age of 11 and been issued with an HKID card, but a copy of which has never been submitted to HD’s Applications Sub-section (Applications Sub-section (PRH)); and
    • (If applicable) A copy of the One-way Permit of family member(s) who do(es) not hold an HKID Card or a Hong Kong Birth Certificate.

How to submit the Application Form?

  • To send the form to "Cash Allowance Office, Housing Department, P.O. Box 209, Tsuen Wan Post Office" by post; or
  • To submit the form in the drop-in box of the HD within office hours* at the following locations –
    • Cash Allowance Office, Housing Department, 5/F, 1 Kwai On Road, Kwai Chung, the New Territories; or
    • Hong Kong Housing Authority Customer Service Centre, 3 Wang Tau Hom South Road, Kowloon

* Office hours of the Cash Allowance Office:
Monday to Friday - 08:30 - 18:00
(except public holidays)

Important notes

  • All information provided in the Application Form must be true and correct. It is a criminal offence for anyone to wilfully provide false information or omit certain information in order to obtain the cash allowance by deception. Apart from being disqualified to receive the cash allowance, the person concerned may be prosecuted for contravening the Theft Ordinance (Cap. 210, Laws of Hong Kong). Any person who contravenes the Ordinance shall be liable on conviction to imprisonment for a maximum of 14 years. The Cash Allowance Office has the right to cancel the applicant’s application under CATS and recover any overpaid amount. The applicant may also be disqualified from applying for PRH as a result.
  • The Cash Allowance Office will send Short Message Services (SMSs) to applicant households on application matters. To prevent fraudulent acts, the SMSs sent by the Cash Allowance Office will not contain any linkages; nor will the Cash Allowance Office request the applicant household to reply by SMSs. Besides, the Cash Allowance Office will contact the applicant or any family member within the PRH application by phone via only the designated telephone number 3105 2323. The staff of the Cash Allowance Office will not call the applicant household to obtain personal data (including HKID Card number, bank account details, etc.). Applicant households who have doubts about the authenticity of calls may call the hotline on 3105 3333 for verification.
  • CATS will run for three years until mid-2024. Any cash allowance will at most be disbursed until June 2024.
  • Retrospective claim is not allowed.