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Information Area

Documents and forms relating to CATS

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Application Guide for the Cash Allowance Trial Scheme Application Guide for the Cash Allowance Trial Scheme
Information Update Form CAS-1E
(for addition/deletion of family members, change of applicant, or update of marital status)
Information Update Form CAS-2E
(for withdrawal / reinstatement of application, or update of bank account details)
Information Update Form CAS-3E
(for update of information on imprisonment or release from prison)
Information Update Form CAS-4E
(for update of contact information)
Application Review Form CAS-5E CAS_5E

* The Application Form will be sent to the households concerned from the Cash Allowance Office. It is not available for download from this website. In case the Application Form is lost, the household may call the hotline on 3105 3333, email to enquiry@cashallowance.gov.hk, or visit the Cash Allowance Office during office hours for processing request for re-issuing the Application Form. Please click here to contact us.

Publicity Materials

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  • Key Highlights of the CATS
  • CATS at a Glance
  • Videos
    Video on CATS (Full version)
    Promotional Video for the Press Conference
    Video on Eligibility Criteria
    Video on Amounts of Cash Allowance
    Video on Application Procedures
    Video on Important Notes
    Video on Frequently Asked Questions

Press releases and publicly available materials of the Press Conference on CATS